Thinking about buying a home in Calgary?

Talk to Gord McArthur before you start your search to help you get organized, answer your questions and also to raise important questions to ask yourself.

His more than 30 years’ experience in Calgary real estate will ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for and saving you time and money. Gord’s knowledge of the local real estate market will give you the guidance and expert advice you need to find a home, negotiate a price and close a deal.

In addition, Gord’s powerful Home Search solution allows you to search through all available homes the same way he would: by County, City, Subdivision, Postal Code, or School District. This search tool will also make it easy to find waterfront homes, golf course homes, homes on acreage, homes with pools, and much more.

Gord can help you:
• Understand the current market and home style specific to your area of interest
• Learn about Calgary and become acquainted with different communities and transportation systems
• Learn about attractions and major annual events
• Find specific information about specialized services, school locations, sports organizations, etc.
• Find a home that is right for you and your family
• Find a suitable mortgage provider
• Recommend home inspectors, insurance agents, legal services, and local contractors
• Make you feel more at ease and help you manage the stress of moving

Contact Gord McArthur today to find out how he can help in the search for your new home.